Tuesday, 8 December 2015


On Tuesday the 2th of December Tamaki College students came to Glenbrae School to teach us about sports. We splitted up into groups and we went with Ben and Seil. We went on the field to play some P.E.

First we played moonball. All we had to do is to bump off people and score a try at the goalie. Our team was called the Red Rangers, first Ben and Seil was splitting us into group of 2. I was in the number 2 group. so the ball was in the middle and we were standing at the goalie, we had to run to the ball and grab it, bump off people and score a try.We play 4 rounds of the game.

In that game we both won because they got 2 points, we got 2 points, so it was a tie. After that we had lollipops. We had 1, 1 for afterwards.We were going to play this army game, all we had to do is lie on the green grass and the last people at the back had to jump over us, 1 by 1. This game was like leap frog. All we had is a practice then we were gonna play the real one since they rang the bell. We did not have much time to play the army game because we had 4 rounds of that moon ball game and it took a long time to get a try.

We went down the down the field, to the courts because we were finished I was happy because I very liked the game that Ben and Seil made up. We said a big thank you to them.

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