Monday, 25 March 2019


Image result for fortnite woodThis morning Mr Grundy came and look at what we did for our design to put up on the wall. There was only like 3 things that he liked. He liked the saw, Hammer and all the technology. he also like the wood work tool

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Man abusing his dog

What I read was a man name McPherson owned a dog and he was a animal abuse. The dogs name was Rocka. McPherson let his dog go and when he saw it at a livestock nearby property. McPherson went up to his dog and punched and kicked his dog damaging him.  McPherson went to his father's house and the dad told him that you should take your dog to the SPCA. He didn't want to so the next day he came over again and the father said the same thing. When SPCA visited him, he lied saying that rocka has enthusiast. the inspectors were not fooled
 Rocka after suffering a broken leg at the hands of Serrin Macpherson, and the x-ray of his injury, inset.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Last Kiwi Can

  1. Today on Monday the 10th December, we had our last kiwi can. In our last kiwi can we just had a long sports game. We had to vote out of Jedi dodge ball or multi sport. Most of the room 7 decided for multi sport. So in the game of multi sport was touch, netball frizz bee and the last is soccer. We enjoyed all those sports. We liked how we were working as a team. Kiwi was so fun.

Friday, 30 November 2018


IN cooking today we cooked sausage with cheese and chips.

Step one: slice the sausages in half

- Top up with cheese and tomato's

- Bake for 10 minutes

- Serve with tomato sauce then you have your nice sausages with cheese and chips

Monday, 19 November 2018



I am strong
I wear a black suit,
I like to eat heaps of fruit
All I do is save people in danger
I’m so cool, you should call me Power Ranger
I am rich and I live under the ocean
Don’t poison me with your chemical position
I have planes very strong and long
I can save people
They need not wait long
I’m a survivor
Watch me fly
Batman the man
My fans will cry

By: Pelenise


Today Loto and I made a presentation about moss.

Monday, 15 October 2018


In the holidays i went to rainbows end with my dad and my 4 sisters. My brother didn't want to come because he wanted to stay home for some reason. The first ride that i went on was the fear fall. That ride was one of the scariest on in rainbow end. As soon i was walking i saw the stratus fear and that looked scary as well. so that one was the only ride i didn't go on because that might make me spill. my sisters liked it. The next ride was the log flume. that ride was actually kind of cool because you slide down in a pile of water in a log. we went on heaps ride like roller coaster, gold rush, bumper boats, family kart and all that. That day was so fun and also very scary. I liked it because that was my second time. i harldy ask to go there because it is so scary. Image result for rainbow end