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This is about the Maori people first came to New Zealand and signed the treaty of Waitangi. Kupe was the first one to come to New Zealand and to sign the treaty of Waitangi.

Friday, 4 August 2017

A short history of Glen Innes


  1. You can get your food or toys from Glen innes.
  2. Glen innes is located in the east in auckland.
  3. Glen innes gets its name from a large farm owned by williams innes that was here
  4. Glen innes is close to the water of the river estuary
  5. Glen innes is a place where people can learn in the libary which they have computers as well.


Maths Home learning 1
Remember to show your working!

Ashley starts with 12 marbles.She buys 25 More.How many marbles does  Ashley end with?
Kelly has 21 oranges.Stephanie has 27 oranges.If Stephanie gives all of her oranges to Kelly,how many oranges will Kelly have?48

Joseph has 25 marbles. Julia has 28 marbles. If Julia gives all of her marbles to Joseph, how many marbles will Joseph have?83

Harry starts with 30 bottle caps. 15 are eaten by a hippopotamus. How many bottle caps does Harry end with?15

Mary starts with 53 crayons. She gives 12 to Cynthia. How many crayons does Mary end with?44

There are 27 stickers in a box. Douglas takes 9 stickers. How many are left?19

Each bag of lollies costs $3.00. How much do 25 bags cost?75

Each child has 8 cards. If there are 22 children, how many cards are there in total?176

Kevin went to the store 8 times last month. He buys 8 apples each time he goes to the store. How many apples did Kevin buy last month?64

Annie has 45 Skittles in little lolly bags. If the are 5 bags, how many Skittles must go in each bag?225

There are 3 children and 27 apples. If the apples are divided equally among the children, how many does each child get?9

There are 49 oranges in Shirley's orange collection. If the oranges are organized into 7 groups, how big is each group?7

The Treaty Of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi

What is a treaty?
A treaty is an agreement between different groups of people. The  treaty of Waitangi is a treaty  that was signed in Waitangi, New Zealand.

New Zealand needed a treaty for different reasons. The traders and whalers were breaking the law but maori chiefs were not in control of them. They needed a law that they would follow. The British wanted the treaty so that they could control the land.

When was the treaty signed?
The Treaty was signed  on the 6 February 1840. It was signed by Hone Heke and Maori chiefs and members of the British government.

 Was the Treaty fair?  Why/why not? The treaty wasn't fear cause their was a  Maori language and a british language.                  

Is the Treaty still important today? why/ why not?It is because the person that signed the treaty was called Hone heke he was the leader of Ngapuhi.

A short history of Rekohu

                  A short history of Rekohu

We are learning to extract information from the text.

My Answer

What is Rekohu?
In chatham island which is part of New Zealand

Who were the first settlers of Rekohu?
Rongomaiwhenua, Rongomaitere

Who are the Moriori?
William Broughton

When did the sealers arrive?
Why was this bad?
They arrived the next forty years in 1810 and
this was bad because hundred people died from the flu and measles.

What happened when the Maori
visited Rekohu?
The maori walk the land taking possession and killing as they go.
The moriori decided against  breaking their ancients law of peace
and do not fight back.

What happened to the land of
Rekohu in 1870?
Moriori are given the remaining 2.7 percentage of the land.
The native land court investigates land claim on rekohu

What lie was told in 1916?
Chatham isles and became known as moriori although it is untrue .

How did the Chatham islands rugby team
do in 1984?
The chatham islands rugby team makes it first tour of new zealand.
winning more than half of it games .

How many people identify as Moriori
in New Zealand in 2001?
Almost six hundred people identify as the moriori in the NZ census.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Charlie & Pelenise NZ Architecture

Today we compared and contrasted traditional Maori buildings and English Tudor buildings. Click the picture below to read more:

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Earthquake Tower Challenge

Earthquake Tower Challenge

Today on Tuesday the 25th of july, we went to room 9 with Mrs sigamony for science intensive. In room 9 we were told that we need to follow the instruction to build the house and it was for us to build a tower made out of these:
  • pins
  • Cardboard base
  • Straws
  • Paper clips
  • Metres of strings
  • Sand 250g
Questions and Answers
During construction, how did you test the strength and stability of your structure? 250g of sand and put it on our straw tower.

During construction what strategies did you use to strengthen the weaker areas? Why? We could not strengthen our straw house because we didn’t have that much straws.

What are the strongest part of your building?why?
We had no strongest part on our straw house because the straws did not have much power to lift the sandbag.

What are the weakest parts of your building?Cardboard base Why? Because once you put the 250g of sand the base always moves a lot.

Where did you use your string in your structure? Why?
We never use the string because it will weaken the parts in the structure.

Where did you use the pins in your structure?We used it to make the tower straight. Why? So it could hold the 250g of sand.

If you had 5 more straws where would you add them? We will add them to where we are gonna put the 250g of sand so it could be more stronger.