Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Kahawai by Paul Mason

This week in reading we read Kahawai by Paul Mason. It was about people fishing in polluted water. I predict that the Kahawai would survive cause they found their home in Auckland city, but the Kahawai might not survive because the water is polluted water but I think they will clean the water.


  1. Hi Pelenise,

    Well done for completing your reading this week! I like that you thought deeply about your prediction - if the people cleaned the water the fish would be more likely to survive.

  2. Dear Pelenise, Thank you for reading my story and for writing about it. At the end of the story I had Areta and her grandmother save the Kahawai, because like you, I have hope that we will all take better care of our water. Keep on reading! Kind Regards, Paul Mason