Thursday, 6 April 2017

Plastic Fantastic

Fact and Opinion

Find three examples of fact in the book and three examples of opinion, then make up one of your own.
100,000 sea animals die from eating rubbish
You should take a cloth bag when you go shopping
The Petroleum used to make one plastic bag is enough to drive a car 115 metres
Take your own cloth bags when you go shopping - or reuse a cardboard box.
Plastic bag are difficult to recycle into other products. This is because there are so many different kind of plastic and bags are often
If you have to accept plastic bag, use as few as possible by making sure they're well packed (without breaking the bag of your arms)
The average plastic bag takes five hundred years to break down
If a shops says it’s company policy for their customers to use a suggest their rules could be more environmentally friendly.

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It is not good for animals but good for human. It not good for animals because 100, 000 animal has died cause the plastic bags gets tangled in their mouth.

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  1. Hi Pelenise, well done for finding some examples of fact and opinion. What is the difference between the two?