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A short history of Rekohu

                  A short history of Rekohu

We are learning to extract information from the text.

My Answer

What is Rekohu?
In chatham island which is part of New Zealand

Who were the first settlers of Rekohu?
Rongomaiwhenua, Rongomaitere

Who are the Moriori?
William Broughton

When did the sealers arrive?
Why was this bad?
They arrived the next forty years in 1810 and
this was bad because hundred people died from the flu and measles.

What happened when the Maori
visited Rekohu?
The maori walk the land taking possession and killing as they go.
The moriori decided against  breaking their ancients law of peace
and do not fight back.

What happened to the land of
Rekohu in 1870?
Moriori are given the remaining 2.7 percentage of the land.
The native land court investigates land claim on rekohu

What lie was told in 1916?
Chatham isles and became known as moriori although it is untrue .

How did the Chatham islands rugby team
do in 1984?
The chatham islands rugby team makes it first tour of new zealand.
winning more than half of it games .

How many people identify as Moriori
in New Zealand in 2001?
Almost six hundred people identify as the moriori in the NZ census.

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  1. Hi Pelenise,

    Well done for skimming and scanning in the book to find the answer to these questions. Remember to write in full sentences so that we can completely understand your ideas.