Friday, 3 November 2017


Air pollution is like a type of canner for people and animals and air pollution has little chemicals that can kill animals and people slowly. People do air pollution by using cars, factory, industries and smoke from the chimney.

Air pollution is bad because air pollution occurs when harmful air pollution may cause diseases, allergies or death of humans.

Water pollution is bad for sea animals because when people put rubbish on the road or the footpath and the next day it will rain and push the rubbish into the drain and then it will go into the sea then the sea animals will see rubbish the the water and think that the rubbish is food so they go to eat the rubbish then a while it will get stuck in his throat that's why don’t put our rubbish on the road or footpath.

Ships can also endanger sea birds because when birds dive into the water the oil will go onto the sea birds. Rubbish is also so bad for turtle because. Plastic drink holder kill turtle by turtle going into the Plastic drink holder then a while the turtle will start to die and it's bad for Plastic bag because when turtle see Plastic bag they will swim to the Plastic bag and think it’s a jellyfish then it will eat the Plastic bag and it will get stuck in the turtle throat. And the turtle won’t breth.

Any change in the nature of the environment due to chemicals, physical and biological pollution that causes pollution. Pollution is something that is harmful and poisonous stuff like it could pollute the air by cow fart and also making heaps of fire cause all that smoke is pollution the air. You also pollute ocean by putting rubbish in the drain and mostly plastic bags and oil.

Pollution poisonous that it kill over 1 million seabirds and 100, 000 of sea animals that died because the water pollution. Pollution causes nasty chemicals that pollutes our earth.

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