Thursday, 6 August 2015

Visit To Glen Innes Library

On Wednesday the 5 of august 2015  , room 7 from Glenbrae Primary School went to G.I library. We went in to a bus to get there and plus we sang a song that's called wheels on the bus goes round and round. When we got out from the bus room 7 had to line up outside from the Te Oro and head straight away to G.I library. Room 7 went inside then we sat on the mat to listen up to the teacher that's explaining what are we going to do for today in the library.

First we were listening to kaiako people. Then the kaiako showed us how to use the rakau and the patu. Next there was the kaiaki gave us the rakau and showed us how to use it. The rakau was a bamboo stick and the patu you wrapped around your hand then you hold it tightly.

The kaiako people told us a story about how are we going to kill the enemy. The people with the patu were practising what to do with the patu. There was an Princess Amelia and Prince Danny who they were fighting for. 

I enjoyed learning to use the patu, but the rakau people were defending  our moves. 

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