Monday, 10 August 2015



The searchers could not find Henry. Henry was lost in the cave , he had to be so quiet or the bears will wake up and do something to Henry. Henry was so cold and hungry. Henry was in the cave all night he had no food , no water no shelter. Henry had nothing to eat or drink so he stayed in the cave until the morning and then he woke up.

It was the next morning he was so hungry and thirsty he hadn’t eaten for days. Once Henry found a bear and then killed it and he made a fire and cooked the bear. But the meat inside the bear was so yuck! When he was thirsty he drank the bear's blood. It was so disgusting  when Henry first touched it.

So that’s how hungry and thirsty he was and now he is not thirsty or hungry.  He lived in the cave forever and then he found his way to home. BY PELENISE AND SALESI

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