Friday, 30 June 2017


Every Fridays we have 
go to Tamaki Collage for our Technology.In Technology we do art because we have to learn how to art so we can draw on the wood boards and carve it before painting on it.I draw my picture and In my picture I had Samoa pattern, flower, a cross and also a windmill.when we carved our work we had to paint over it and make sure nothing goes on the table or your uniform. Here is my work on the top and that's what i did but I accidentally carved the whole Niue.We had to go over 3 times but my paper didn't have enough of paint on it.

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  1. Hi Pelenise,

    It sounds like you learned a lot from this experience as we don't do much carving back at school. What would you do differently if you were making another piece of art?