Thursday, 2 July 2015

Science Week

.  Science  Week

At glenbrae school we did a science week at the seniors block , we first stayed in our classroom and did chemical changes and we made different flavor of bread then we went to each other classes as well.When we were Mrs Parker we learn about vinegar and baking soda .For our writing we are gonna use what , when , where , who and then why.
On monday we did 3 states of matter with Mrs Raj and we were learning about ice water and steam so ice is solid , water is liquid plus steam is gas and that's what we did on monday.Mrs Raj told us to put picture as well so it can look beautiful and so other that has netbooks can see what we are talking about and so they can understand our writing when they read my story .
used this.jpg
The next day we went to Mrs Tofa class and learn about the science week as well , first we were on the mat and talk about all those kind of bread and plus all of room 7 only kids went to Mrs Tofa classes and do those kind of stuff.In room 10 we cooked bread but salesi was rolling the bread and making it bigger and when it was in the oven it was so big that it made me ful.

On wednesday we went to Mr Nuff class and we did a experiment and plus he did fake magic by disappear plus Mister Nuff grabbed  sugar and salt and they , miss Card had sugar and Mr Nuff had salt. Mr nuff grab a candles and light the candles up and grab two spoon and put salt , sugar on those two spoon and Mr Nuff one took so long that we waited for a while then it boiled and it was finish.Mr Nuff ate the salt and then he gave it to all of room 7 to taste.Mrs Card one smelt nice like toffe and plus we ate it as well.

Science week was so fun because it was so yum and I felt so happy that I wanted to do all that again. Plus I want to learn more about food science.


  1. Hi Pelenise, I'm glad that you enjoyed science week, especially all the magic science that you did with Mr Nath.