Thursday, 12 February 2015

Water Fun Day

Today we had water fun day. Why, because it was a sunny hot day, that why we had water fun day.

First we went on the water slide. People were slipping on the slippery slide. You have to grab a cup and fill it up with some water. Full the bin up and then you will win the game.

Second we did the under chairs with a milk bottle. The one that's faster will win that was my favourite game in the world. When we did that people keep bumping their head on the chair when they go under the chairs.

After that we went up the senior court and play fill up the cups and race down with the cup full up and put your cup in your house colour lines bin.

At the end we had to go in our line and sing our own colour song. Then we go back to class to have our morning tea.

It was my birthday when we did the water fun day. It was so AWESOME!!!

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