Friday, 12 June 2015

Four day weekend

WALT: write a recount using a rubric to help us. SC: set a goal level you want to achieve from the rubric Writing PROMPT: The Four Day Weekend!

Select at least three ideas (things that happened) from you to write about. Things could be:
  • A visiting a friend or relative,:Long Weekend
  • A sports game you watched
  • A board/card/computer game you played
  • A special meal you enjoyed
  • Going to the shops/movies/ park etc.
  • Helping to look after a younger brother/sister.
  • Something you made.
  • A book you read/ movie watched
  • … Anything at all that you did over the four days.

MY GOAL: Level 2
IDEAS:       Level  3
This is about Pelenise in his four day weekend.

In 4 day weekends i went to the movies and  watch Fast and Furious 7 with all my family and then we went to the park with the little kid cousins and we really played a nice game thats called tiggie.When we got there we were having so much fun because we had a big feed like chicken and chips. It was so cool because all of my cousins came to visit us.Then they came with us to the shop to buy our shopping from countdown .When we were about to finish our shopping it was to heavy to bring in to our car so we can go home and sort all of our stuff so we can go out with my after when i help my mum  then i can go to my friends house so i can play on his trampoline .In this story it happened on saturday.

On sunday we went to a church to learn about god and jesus and what they do in cloud. The we have to pray to the god in heaven .We were finished then we got to the car and went to the big big huge mountain and eat kfc plus we saw all of the New Zealand houses and all of the sky tower with a sharp pointy part at the top and also we saw  airplanes in the big hot air balloon and a kite that goes in the sky plus it was a ben 10 one .That was on sunday when all ofthis happened to my four day weekend. is was so so brilliant and surprised plus really scared because we were really really tall from that big mountain.

On monday we went to panmure pool and we went down that big huge slide and then we were inside the kids spar and it was really hot for kids we were so so happy that we were so scared because it was dark inside panmure slide  thats why we were scared.

On tuesday we did nothing because the power turned off plus we just stayed home and did nothing.

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  1. A very eventful weekend Pelenise. The pools sounded exciting, and what a great way to warm up in winter. Remember to PREVIEW your blog post. Some of your colour choices are difficult to read.