Monday, 5 September 2016

Financial Literacy

Today on Monday the 5th of September 2016, Mr Mike and Mr Matthew came to room 8 and spoke to us about financial Literacy. When we were sitting on the mat, we were talking about how to save money and how to earn money. So we had $20 and we had to make good spending choice on what to buy, so i chooses a mobile phone that's toped up so if a emergence happens i can go to my mobile phone an call the ambulance.

Also we did ways to earn money so there was do your chorus, Jobs, selling, helping, finding money, car wash because when your mum goes to the gas station and go for a car wash by spending money  so we tried saving by telling my mum to help me clan her car and we will get pocket money for hand washing her car.

Next what happen, we had to go up to our table and get a piece of paper to write on about all those stuff about Financial Literacy. Each group had to stand up and share there work with the class. When they shared the other went up then the other group went up. When we finish sharing Shannon standed up and say a little thank you to them.

Here is some things about ways to earn money:
- Do your chorus
- Selling
- Get a job
- Helping people
- Finding money on the ground
- Car Wash
- Paper run
- Baby Sitting
- Baking for your mum
- Help your parents cook

What would you spend $20 On:
- Internet Cafe
- Save your money
- Give to your mum and dad to look after
- Furniture
- Chocolate
- Food for family
- Trolley bag
- Games
- Presents
- Car / Driver licence
- Fine
- Collage

Ways to save money:
- Piggy bank
- Deposit
- buy less stuff
- Have a saving account
- less exsepnsive stuff
- Buy things on sale

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