Thursday, 12 April 2018

The concert

The concert
One quiet dark and windy night, there was a concert with lots of people were invited to go. The main 2 characters in this story are Loto and Trent, the best friends. Those were the main people who were outside walking on the street making friends. Some random stranger called them out and said hey, come over here. Loto and trent ended up going to that random stranger. That stranger gave them tickets out for a concert, and that ticket did not have a address or a suburb.

Loto and Trent were just walking around on the street called Great South Road near rainbow ends.It was like 9pm over there. They were hearing something like it was like a party . Suddenly they pick up something, they went back in their mind when they saw that random stranger who gave the ticket out for a concert. They went to rainbows end and the counter lady said ticket please they gave the ticket and they went in to rainbow ends.

When they got into rainbows ends, were just walking around for some night rides. They went on the fear fall and they saw some dancing when they were already at the top on the fear fall.They went to that place and ask people what this was, lots of people said it's a concert  So now they have found the concert. They were watching the people dance like a Tonga dance, Niue dance, Hip hop, Samoan and also the cook island.


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