Thursday, 23 July 2015

Holidays Poem

Write a poem about your holidays.
  1. What colour might represent the holidays? Holidays are red
  2. What does it taste like? a yummy delicious strawberry with nice chocolate dip
  3. smell like? A big round apple when the juice comes out
  4. Look like ? A big place like kfc
  5. Sound like? Water and big tears from the storm or rain
  6. Feel like?  smooth mat
Use adjectives (ng words) and metaphors and similes for each line.
Example: m

3. Write a poem using the same formula as above. One line for each sense.

Holidays are red because every time I go to bed , I always have dream about people in the soldier dead.

  Tastes like a yummy strawberry with chocolate dip and making me feel like wanna go on a trip.

smells like a big round apple with nice tip top ice-cream and make it pop .

It looks like 
KFC and with a nice biggest delicious meal like big mac burger.

It sounds like blood dripping from our nose and like water dropping from the hose.

Feels like a mats with a nice flat cloth or just like touching a broom that's so new.

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