Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquiry roadshow

Today Glenbrae School had our inquiry roadshow.This is when all the classes share what they have learned during the term.We share our learning by creating presentations posters ,
diagram and hands on activity.

I enjoy room 8 one because they used water , lemon juice and also baking soda and sugar.They put the water in to the lemon juice and put the baking soda in then the hole mix up went up.

I learnt about fill in the gabs race for room 10 and it was so fantastic because It was my favourite game and plus it was maths as well and it my favourite subject as well.

The best presentation that I sawed was room 8 because it was so cool that they had music on and everybody was dancing and running around , we were so happy that we saw lots of presentation.

Here is my presentation that's called anzac cove , we have lots of paragraphs in our story plus we have so munch things that we needed to say and to explained.

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