Wednesday, 23 September 2015



“Once upon a time” there was a boy name Ben and he thinks he is a superhero at stealing stuffs from the warehouse. But I thinks he’s not , so on a raining day we all went to the warehouse and people couldn't fit because lot's of people wanted a trampoline so they all can’t get one at once. Then Ben came inside the warehouse and sneak through when the boss was gone, plus the boss left the money in the bank but it wasn't cloze, then “Ben went and stilled it. The boss came back”, and saw all the money gone from the money holder. He saw Ben stealing money and ran away but there was a camera and plus there was a security outside then the security caught Ben from running away with the money. The security grabbed the money and put it back in the money holder.

Ben was under a rest for the rest the years till he will never ever stop stealing any money from any shops.

Here is some photos from images.

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