Monday, 19 October 2015

Guess what we did in the Holidays?

Guess what we did in the holidays? , we went to the movies and to McDonald's then had KFC for dinner.

First we went to the movies and watched fast and furious 7. We had popcorn  while watching the movie and also a fizzy drink. In the story it was so sad because Paul walker died at the end of the movie. He died when his a car crashed and then it blew up. In the movie Vin Diesel was fighting the Rock. Vin diesel won the fight and became part of the fast and furious 7 gang.

After the movie we went to the McDonald because we were so hungry. My mum had enough money to buy McDonald in GI. I had a big mac and some chips and also I had another fizzy drink to finish my food. When we finished eating we went home and my whole family was so full that we didn't even have dinner because we were not even near hungry.

The next day we had kfc for dinner. My family and I had a family meal so that it would fill us up and we wouldn't wake up and have lots of breakfast and leave for school late.

I felt good about my holidays because it was a great surprise and I didn't even know what was going to happen.

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